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Shown below are just a few of the projects we have completed. We have been in the wordworking business for over 40 years so there are far too many photos to list on our website.

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If you would like to see photos of a specific type of work we do, we would be happy to supply those one request.

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Decorative Hand Carved Missing Part Chair Back

These photos are of a very decorative hand carved chair back that I was asked to reconstruct to return it to like-original condition.

Michigan Furniture Repair & Restoration

Antique Chair

This antique chair with wicker seat needed a complete restoration.

Antique Furniture Repair & Restoration in Michigan

Split Seat

This split seat also required significant restoration.

Antique Furniture Repair & Restoration

Rocking Chair

One of the projects that took a rotten section of wood and rebuilt the section. Leaving the rest of the rocker runner original. It works!

Bamboo, Wicker, Cane, Furniture Repair & Restoration, Michigan

Restaurant Maintenance

Photo 1 – The brass trim that goes under each shelf, before cleaning and polishing. The alcohol spills damage the clear finish and the tarnish stage begins.

Photo 2 – After all the brass is cleaned and buffed then a protective metal coating is applied to keep the brass from tarnish

Photo 3 – The results “The Chairman Furniture Repair” can give to brass, stainless or copper. We also specialize in Chair regluing and maintenance on all wood surfaces. Photos taken from: The Grand Lux Café in Boca Raton Fl.

Restaurant Maintenance, Restaurant Furniture Repair and Restoration, Michigan
As you can see from the images above, most pieces can be saved with a bit patience and ingenuity along with careful attention to detail.

Please visit us on our Facebook where we post our projects regularly.

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